2016 dmi:Design Value Awards 国际设计管理协会设计价值大奖开始提名

DMI is proud to announce The 2016 dmi:Design Value Awards. The Awards will honor teams that have delivered significant value through design or design management practices. The value can be expressed as positive financial gains, social impact, environmental stewardship or organizational culture change. Global organizations of any size will be considered, as each have their own unique set of challenges. Awards are open to consultants, government agencies, non-profit organizations, educators and corporations of any size.

The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, July 13th Noon EDT

There will be levels of awards: 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, and Honorable Mention. Winners of the dmi:Design Value Awards will be recognized at the dmi: Design Leadership Conference in Boston September 25 – 27 and published in the dmi:Review.

As the longest standing global institution of its kind, DMI holds an exclusive position in the Design practice and Design Management landscape.

The Design Management Institute is an international organization that connects design to business, society and the changing world. For 40 years, DMI has been an active advocate for the strategic value of design.  The organization sponsors research, publishes academic papers, hosts articles by practitioners, and connects members across disciplines and across the globe to debate issues and share best practices.